Can your iPhone find out where you live, work and shop?

The function reaches the information by analyzing frequency and duration of all trips owners make

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iPhones can figure out where their owners live, work and shop, the Mail Online reportedon Friday.

The function, which the British daily said was introduced quietly last year, reaches the information by analyzing frequency and duration of all trips owners make.

The Frequent Locations feature can be accessed on the settings menu, and the report said only few people knew it exists.

Technology giant Apple has said the data never leaves the iPhone without the user’s consent and was only introduced to improve mapping services.

However, some have described the phone’s ability to track its owner’s every move as “terrifying.”

“Every place you go, where you shop, where you have a drink – it is all recorded. This is a divorce lawyer’s dream. But what horrifies me is that it is so secret. Why did we not know about this?” Professor Noel Sharkey, a British computing expert, was quoted by the Mail as saying.

This feature is especially alarming, the Mail wrote, because with the iOS 7 or iOS 8 operating system it is the first to display movements clearly on a map.

The records include date and time of all journeys, time of arrival and departure in addition to how many times you have visited a particular address.

“Apple might promise not to use our location information for advertising. And many of our authorities might be quite benevolent at the moment. But if you put that information in someone else’s hands, then it becomes powerful, and in some cases, dangerous,” Professor Sharkey told the British daily.