Pokemon Go down: Servers crash as millions try to access game

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Millions of fans of the hit mobile Pokemon Go game in the US and around Europe complained of being unable to access the game on Saturday after the app’s servers appeared to crash.

The Pokemon Go craze sweeping the world has seen smartphone-armed users walk around in search of the augmented reality game’s target creatures.

But barely a week after its launch, players of the game first started having issues of inaccessibility and regular freezing, UK-based paper The Independent reported.

Users took to Twitter to speak about their frustration using the hashtag #Pokemongodown:

“We have been working to fix the #PokemonGO server issues. Thank you for your patience,” the developers of Pokemon Go, Niantic, tweeted on Saturday.

However, a hacking group known as PoodleCorp ‘claimed‘ responsibility for the game crashing.

The group started tweeting on social media as soon as players started to report problems while using the game and threatened “to do something bigger soon.”

Niantic meanwhile claims that the game’s server crashed “due to an overwhelming number of downloads.”

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