WATCH: Saudi Housing Ministry builds a house in 48 hours

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The Saudi Housing Ministry revealed the first house they built in 48 hours, drawing positive feedback from Saudis who saw pictures and videos of the new house on social media.

The Saudi Housing Ministry along with partners are building houses in two days in this new initiative.

Katerra American construction company, with Saudi engineers, started building a new house on Sunday noon to finish building the house and furnishing it by Tuesday afternoon.

Saudi content creator Mohammed al-Nhet was on site when the building started and as soon as it finished. He posted videos from both phases.

In the first one, he shows the beginning phase of building, explaining that the house gets assembled on site, but each part has been previously manufactured:

The singular-floor house is 124 square meters. Its walls and most of its parts have been installed on the site after being manufactured in the company’s industry to be soundproof, anti-fire, and earthquake-resistant.

Two days later, Nhet posted a video that shows the garden, exterior, and interior of the house, fully finished and furnished.

"The house was built using precast concrete modular, meaning that the house's structure resembles cubicles in the way it's assembled," said Nhet.

The Saudi Housing Ministry started this initiative after signing three agreements of understanding with three specialized international companies on the sidelines of the Future Investment Initiative which was held in Riyadh in recently.

Local manufacturers have also been funded an amount of 186 million Saudi riyals in the fourth quarter of 2018, as part of finishing the procedures for funding seven factories with an amount of 415 million Saudi riyals.