Critics troll Elon Musk after he posts the Cybertruck’s pre-launch video

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to critics on Saturday by posting a pre-launch video that shows the front window of the Cybertruck remaining intact after a steel ball impact.

The video, featuring the electric carmaker’s head of design Franz von Holzhausen, shows him throwing a metal ball at the Batman-y truck’s front window. But, this time the ball bounces back versus when it actually shattered after a demonstration at the launch of the event on Friday.


Tesla’s shares slid 6 percent on Friday after the $40,000 vehicle’s “armored glass” windows broke.

“Franz throws steel ball at Cybertruck window right before launch. Guess we have some improvements to make before production haha,” Musk tweeted with the video.

“Well, maybe that was a little too hard,” Musk said, after von Holzhausen broke the driver’s side window with a metal ball at the cybertruck’s launch in Los Angeles. There’s a “little room for improvement,” he added.

His comments didn’t stop the online community from making fun of the faux pas. The pickup itself became a target of jokes and memes owing to its futuristic look.

On Saturday, many took to Twitter to respond to Musk’s latest video showing the window not breaking before the launch, with some raising questions over its authenticity.

“Interesting that at 00:11 you can see that the door is unlatched, allowing it to absorb the impact. Also interesting that the b pillar trim is removed and there's glass on the floor. You sure you took this video before, not after?” one user said in a tweet.

Other Twitter users came to Musk’s defense.

“For people saying it wasn't thrown hard enough, what would have been adequate? 100mph thrown by a pro pitcher? Should they have launched it out of a railgun? Is it not good enough unless it can survive a direct hit from an ICBM? Everything that's something-resistant, has limits,” another user tweeted.

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