Here are the top 10 fastest growing goods online during the coronavirus pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has prompted authorities around the world to mandate lockdowns with most public areas closed in a bid to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

With people told to stay home, consumers have taken to shopping online. Jeff Bezos, founder of e-commerce-giant Amazon, has seen his net worth jump $24 billion as the rest of the world faces its biggest recession in nearly a century.

E-commerce analysis firm Stackline compiled the fastest growing categories in e-commerce sales across the US for March, here are the top 10:

1. Disposable gloves: Sales for goods directly related to the virus have experienced a sharp uptick as consumers buy equipment that helps keep them safe.
2. Bread machines: Bread has been running short in US supermarkets, likely prompting the significant uptick in sales for machines to make the essential foodstuff at home.
3. Cough & cold: As with gloves, sales have surged for medication for the common flu, which shares the less severe symptoms of coronavirus such as a cough.
4. Soups: Often regarded as a comfort food during illness, soup sales have spiked.
5. Dried grains & rice: Stockpiling of food, while not authorized by authorities, has seen an increase, likely contributing to the increase in sales of easily stored foodstuffs.
6. Packaged foods: Similar to dried grains and rice, packaged foods often have a longer shelf life, leading to easy storage.
7. Fruit cups: With many not leaving home due to social distancing measures or fear of catching the virus, some have turned to shopping online for essential foods.
8. Weight training: Gyms have been shut down in some countries due to the risk of spreading the virus through people working out together in a confined space. Consumers have instead turned to working out at home to keep fit.
9. Milk & Cream: As with other foodstuffs in this list, grocery shopping in person has become more difficult and consumers are turning to online shopping for their essentials.
10. Dishwashing supplies: A product that would often be bought during the weekly shop, consumers have been purchasing their dishwashing supplies online as supermarkets see empty shelves.

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