Coronavirus: Bahrain engineers design new breathing aid device for non-ICU patients

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Engineers from the Bahrain International Circuit have designed a new breathing aid device meant for non-ICU and non-critical patients as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, according to a statement from state-run BNA news agency.

The two devices were designed by the engineers in joint efforts and collaboration with the Respiratory Therapy Department, Medical Equipment Department and Intensive Care doctors at the state-run Salmaniya Medical Complex public hospital.

According to the statement from BIC, the first 100 units of the device were designed in under two weeks and are already in production.

“At a time of global crisis, we have been seeking ways in which the BIC can support the fight against COVID-19. Our engineers have met that challenge by designing a ventilator system specifically to support those suffering from COVID-19. As this is a global effort, we are happy to make these designs available to other organizations around the world who are seeking to develop similar solutions,” said Fayez Ramzy Fayez, the chief operating officer at BIC.

The local production of breathing aids and ventilators has seen an uptick in the Arabian Gulf region with engineers in countries like Saudi Arabia confirming they were on the verge of locally producing 1,000 ventilators per week.

Ventilators, life-saving pieces of medical equipment that help coronavirus patients to breathe, have become a political commodity as governments and individuals scramble to obtain them amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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