Coronavirus: Bahrain tally at 2,027 total confirmed cases, 1,026 recovered, 7 dead

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Bahrain had a total of 2,027 total confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday. The active cases stood at 994, the number of recovered patients stood at 1,026 people and the death toll stood at seven, according to the Ministry of Health.

Bahrain had recently ramped up testing for the COVID-19 virus, and it has now conducted more than 97,700 tests.

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The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has also clarified the government’s decision on Tuesday to extend the statewide closures until May 7.

The following will continue to be closed: Cinemas, private sports centers, private swimming pools, special gaming rooms, Shisha (hookah) cafes, and salons.

All restaurants remain restricted to delivery and order pick-up only.

The suspension of non-emergent healthcare procedures and services in private health institutions remains in place.

The first hour of opening in food stores remains dedicated to the elderly and pregnant women only.

All citizens and residents remain required to wear face masks in public places.

Activities of commercial and industrial shops are limited to conducting business online and delivery. The following shops are exempt:

Hypermarkets, supermarkets, groceries shops, stores for vegetables, fish and fresh meat, and bakeries.

Petrol stations and liquefied gas stations, financial institutions, factories, administrative offices of institutions and companies (the activity of which is not directly related to customers), import, export and distribution of goods shops, repair shops and garages for vehicles and spare parts shops, construction and maintenance sector, telecommunications companies.

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