Dressed as ‘coronavirus zombies’, Delhi police deter lockdown violations

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Police in New Delhi transformed themselves into “coronavirus zombies” on Monday (April 27), wearing white protective suits and helmets shaped like the coronavirus in a bid to convince people to practice social distancing.

Indian police have got creative in their efforts to promote social distancing and deter lockdown violations.

Recently, a video of police in Tamil Nadu putting lockdown violators in an ambulance with a coronavirus patient, who was not infected but pretended to be, went viral.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a lockdown of India’s 1.3 billion people on March 25 in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which has infected 29,435 people, killing 934 of them, according to the latest figures.

India has tested about 525,000 people, meaning some 4 percent were positive.

Parts of India have recorded dramatic falls in mortality rates after a nationwide lockdown was imposed to fight the new coronavirus, suggesting there has not been an undetected surge in virus-related deaths.

Indian doctors, officials, and crematorium employees suspect the lower death rate is in large part attributable to fewer road and rail accidents.

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