Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia total cases over 24,000, steady increase of 1,344 new cases

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Saudi Arabia’s total number of cases have reached 24,097 after the health ministry recorded 1,344 new cases, a health ministry spokesman said on Friday.

He also said the death toll reached 168 with seven new deaths recorded over the past 24 hours. One Saudi national and six non-Saudis with ages ranging between 46 and 75 have passed away due to complications.

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The spokesman said 83 percent of the new cases are of various nationalities other than Saudi Arabian while 17 percent are Saudi nationals.

As the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom continues to rise, an increasing number of patients are also recovering, and the death toll remains relatively low.

Less than one percent of the those who contracted the virus in Saudi Arabia have passed away, while 3,555, about 15 percent of the country’s coronavirus patients, have recovered so far.

Saudi Arabia began field testing in recent weeks in order to expand its testing capacity. Medical teams have so far made 1,800 visits to various neighborhoods throughout the Kingdom to test people in their homes, with a focus on densely populated labor residential areas. A spokesman said 170,000 labor workers have been tested so far.

Most confirmed coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia are of people living in densely populated residential areas, especially neighborhoods that house laborers, according to the health ministry.

A committee for organizing labor housing in the Kingdom has taken several measures to reduce the spread of the virus in these densely populated areas. The Kingdom has provided 2,000 alternative residential properties that consist of 170,000 rooms which can house 350,000 labor workers.

Six hundred charities have stepped up to provide over 40,000 daily meals for laborers in the Kingdom.

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