Coronavirus: Life after lockdown, the top 10 activities people are dreaming of

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Life might be more surreal than it has ever been, and there’s no telling when we’ll get back to normal, or even what “normal” will look like. And yet, we dream of what aspects of our old lives we may regain once lockdowns lift.

Thinking of even the most mundane activities we did in BC (before-coronavirus) fills us with nostalgic hope for how life might be after lockdown eases.


Heading to the gym

Remember the days of pumping iron next to lots of equally sweaty people? Whether the gym was a weekly slog or your favorite daily body temple, people across the world are mourning access to a shared exercise space with top-notch equipment, pumping music, various classes, and the feeling you were exercising with others in a shared endeavor. Come back torturous spin classes, all is forgiven.

Going on holiday

For now, the days of cheap, convenient, and flexible travel are over. The aviation and hospitality industries have been hardest-hit by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it could be years before anything like normal service is resumed.

Across the world, people are mourning the freedom to travel and have taken to penning epic adventure “bucket lists” for the future.

While some airports are now opening up globally, travel options are still limited and liable to cancellation at any moment due the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus crisis. A safer option could be local travel within your country after lockdown ends.

Eating out at a restaurant

Many of us are missing being able to experience a smorgasbord of culinary experiences in the same convivial settings in which we are accustomed.

Some countries, like the UAE, are opening up restaurants with social distancing measures in place – ¬this may offer a bit of a different experience, but the joys of a perfectly cooked steak or restaurant-fresh sushi are back on the cards for some.

Visiting the beach

Sydney’s popular Bondi Beach – a former COVID-19 hotspot – has just reopened for swimming and surfing, but the beach itself will remain closed.

Meanwhile, surfers across the world are desperately missing their chance to catch a wave.

Pool parties

In warmer countries, like the UAE, pool parties are a staple social activity. As governments across the world consider relaxing lockdown rules, it may be possible soon to host private gatherings with limited numbers of friends.

Getting a haircut

People across the world are bemoaning not being able to see their regular hairdresser. Longer hairstyles than usual, killer roots, and outright unruly locks are now the norm. But there is hope that hairdresser access may be one of the first restrictions to be lifted, provided social distancing precautions are taken.



No one likes a visit to the dentist, but we still miss them when they are not around. We feel better having had a regular check-up – and it’s always best not to superglue our own crowns.

Dog grooming

All over the world, pet owners are grappling with increasingly grizzly and unkempt mutts. They are also discovering why pet groomers are paid are good coin for their skills. Trimming your dog is a complex job, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Socializing over coffee

Ah, the daily overpriced-gourmet coffee; it’s become the quintessential start to the working day. We miss drinking swanky lattes, and we miss mooching about in coffee shops even more.

Botox visits

People are aging before our eyes, and it’s not just the stress of lockdown.

Across the world, women (and men) are mourning their quarterly Botox wrinkle fix, as well as myriad other treatments on offer, such as micro-needling and micro-abrasion.

So if your neighbor now looks 62 rather than 42, you know why.

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