Coronavirus: UAE conducts 1.3 mln tests, number of recoveries doubles in two weeks

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The United Arab Emirates has conducted over 1.3 million coronavirus tests since the beginning of the outbreak and up to May 5, as part of the government’s efforts to expand the scope of testing throughout the country, to ensure the early detection of those infected with COVID-19 and the isolation of those they had contact with.

The number of coronavirus patients who recovered from the COVID-19 virus has doubled in the past two weeks, jumping from 1,443 on April 21 to 3,153 on May 5, at an average of 122 cases per day.

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There are 15,192 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UAE as of Tuesday, and the death toll stands at 146 fatalities, according to the Ministry of Health.

Coronavirus testing

The UAE has ramped up the number of tests it conducts every day, with the official spokesperson for the government, Dr. Amna al-Shamsi, saying on Saturday that the authorities have been conducting an average of 29,000 coronavirus tests per day during the past two weeks.

The country has now 14 drive-thrus testing centers capable of screening hundreds of people on a daily basis.

On May 4, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, SEHA, announced the launch of a new testing center in Mussafah, which aims to conduct 335,000 tests for residents and workers in the region over the next two weeks.

The center will complete the healthcare infrastructure already in Mussafah, including the national testing center in Basin 42 next to the bazaar, and the national testing center in Basin 1, also known as the" Mussafah Old Clinic," which were restored by SEHA and can receive 7,500 people daily.

On May 2, Abu Dhabi launched a new coronavirus testing centers in al-Nahyan Camp.

The UAE’s first drive-thru center was established in Abu Dhabi on March 28. Following the success of the first center, Abu Dhabi authorities announced they were rolling out ten more drive-thru centers across the country, including Fujairah.

Dubai launched on April 7 its third center.

In addition to mobile testing centers, the UAE has also established a massive testing laboratory in coordination with genomics company BGI and Abu Dhabi technology company Group 42 (G42). The country has also launched a home-testing service for people with disabilities.

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