US President Trump uses viral ‘coronavirus funeral dance’ meme in Biden attack ad

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US President Donald Trump’s campaign has tapped into the viral “coronavirus coffin dance” funeral meme in an attack ad on presidential contender Joe Biden, a video posted on his official Facebook account showed.

The video, posted on Trump’s official Facebook account, showed the viral video with Biden’s campaign logo superimposed on a coffin. The video also cuts to Biden’s recent controversial comments made last Friday in which he said that black people confused over choosing between him and Trump “ain’t black.”

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Trump’s posting of the video on Tuesday has so far garnered more than 9 million views, 411,000 likes, 133,000 shares and 109,000 comments on Facebook.

The meme used went viral as the unofficial coronavirus pandemic theme song, showing four men dressed in all black carrying a coffin as they dance to the beat of the “dancing pallbearers meme” song “Asronomia 2k19.”

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Former vice president Biden has continued to face fallout from a remark he made last Friday on “The Breakfast Club,” a radio program influential and popular in the black community. He had commented, “If you’ve got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Campaign rhetoric has ratcheted up between Trump and Biden recently as the US prepares to hold its presidential election later this November.

Biden said on Tuesday that wearing a mask in public to combat the spread of the coronavirus is a sign of leadership and called Trump a “fool” who was “stoking deaths” for suggesting otherwise. Trump later retweeted a post that appeared to make fun of a photo of Biden in his mask, though he later said he didn't mean to be critical.

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