Coronavirus: Flydubai launches new ‘passenger partnership’ to reduce COVID-19 risk

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Dubai’s budget airliner flydubai has launched new guidelines for passengers in the form of a redesigned “passenger partnership” to help limit the spread of coronavirus as it restarts flights in and out of the United Arab Emirates.

The new guidelines, published by the UAE’s official WAM news agency, outline the steps that passengers should take from when they first book their flight until they arrive at their destination.

Flydubai passenger partnership steps. (WAM)
Flydubai passenger partnership steps. (WAM)

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The steps, which include advising patients to bring their own travel hygiene kit, are aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and preparing passengers for any potential delays or adjustments to their expectations of flying in the coronavirus era.

“In these unprecedented times, we are very conscious of the role that we play as part of the global community in response to COVID-19. We have carefully reviewed the guidance and best practice published by a number of international organizations together with those of our regulator and our industry partners. We have further built on these which has resulted in a layering of measures by the authorities, the airport and flydubai,” said flydubai CEO Ghaith A Ghaith via WAM.

The guidelines come after the UAE allowed some passenger flights in and out of Dubai airport from June 23.

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Flydubai destinations

Since the announcement, flydubai offers flights to the following destinations:


Addis Ababa (ADD)
Juba (JUB)
Khartoum (KRT)

Central Asia

Almaty (ALA)
Nur-Sultan (NQZ)


Belgrade (BEG)
Bucharest (OTP)
Dubrovnik (DBV)
Kyiv (KBP)
Krakow (KRK)
Prague (PRG)
Sarajevo (SJJ)
Sofia (SOF)

Indian Subcontinent

Kabul (KBL)

Middle East

Alexandria (HBE)
Amman (AMM)
Beirut (BEY)
Esfahan (IFN)
Lar (LRR)
Shiraz (SYZ)
Tehran (IKA)

Emirates guidelines for entering and leaving the UAE

Emirates is also offering flights to a number of destinations worldwide.

Residents of Dubai have been told they need to apply for permission from the government before booking their flight on Emirates this summer, according to new guidelines posted by the airlines.

Passengers are requested to register their intent to re-enter the country via an online form on Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) immigration service.

According to the set guidelines, every passenger who is a resident flying back to Dubai needs to fill a health declaration form and a quarantine undertaking form as well to be handed over to the Dubai Health Authority staff upon their arrival.

Residents will then receive a GDRFA Application Number code which will be necessary to book a return flight on Emirates.

For residents to gain reentry to the country, they will need to present a valid certificate of a COVID-19 pre-examination at an accredited laboratory. The test must be taken 72 hours before takeoff.

Tourists will be permitted to enter the UAE from July 7.

For the full list of guidelines see here.