Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia bans collective housing for more than 20 people

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No more than 20 individuals may reside in collective housing in Saudi Arabia unless health regulations are strictly adhered to, officials have ruled as efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak are ongoing, local media reported Saturday.

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Saudi Arabia’s Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has said that 20 or more people cannot live under the same roof in or outside urban areas unless they abide by the health regulations issued by the labor committees, according to the reports.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has been asked to form committees in areas where collective housing is common to monitor and inspect these homes to ensure coronavirus-related measures are being implemented.

All violations must be reported to the minister or to the delegation, who will enforce the appropriate penalties, which may include closing the house permanently.

Anyone who violates the preventative measures may be imprisoned for up to 30 days or fined $266,600 for each violation, or both, according to media reports.

For repeated offenses, the penalties will be increased and may include jail time of up to 180 days or a $266,600 fine, or both.

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