Coronavirus: US again warns drinking bleach is not COVID-19 cure as poison rates jump

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Officials at the Texas Poison Center are again warning Americans that drinking bleach and other disinfectants will not cure a person from coronavirus, media reported.

Poison rates have jumped, the Center said, with a 71 percent increase in cases involving bleach products, and a 63 percent increase in cases involving household cleaning products, WFAA, a Dallas, Texas-based news organization reported.

“We certainly are not used to seeing bleach ingestion, at least that frequently in such a short amount of time, and we do know in general this year compared to last we’re seeing a whole lot more of bleach exposures,” Cristina Holloway, a public health education manager at the Texas Poison Center said, according to NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, a US television news station.

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In June, the CDC warned that Americans had been drinking bleach and using chemical cleaning products to wash their food in a misguided attempt to prevent coronavirus infection.

While in April, US President Donald Trump caused controversy by appearing to suggest that Americans should inject themselves with disinfectant to protect from coronavirus, comments that he says were misrepresented.

According to the CDC survey, it appears other Americans have had similar ideas – with the organization’s survey showing 60 percent have begun cleaning their homes more often and participating in dangerous uses of bleach and other toxic disinfectant products.

“Ingesting bleach or other cleaning products is downright dangerous and can lead to serious injury, including burns,” a spokesperson for the Texas Poison Center told WFAA.

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