Lebanon’s oldest MP Michel Murr dies aged 89 after contracting COVID-19

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Lebanon’s oldest parliament member Michel Murr died on Sunday aged 89 after contracting COVID-19 a month ago.

Murr was a Lebanese politician and businessman who served as deputy prime minister and interior minister and was a prominent lawmaker from the Northern Metn region. Murr had good relations with the Syrian regime during their hegemony over Lebanon when he was appointed in key positions.

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After Murr's passing, Lebanon currrently has only 119 MPs, out of 128, with the previous ones resigning following the August 4 Beirut Port Explosion.

Elections to fill the vacant seats haven't taken place, with the government citing the coronavirus pandemic as the reason.

Murr’s family declared that “it is with great regret that we mourn to the Lebanese in general, to the people of Metn and Bteghrine in particular, the death of His Excellency Michel Murr.”

“In compliance with the official measures taken in the event of health emergencies to combat the coronavirus epidemic, and in the interest of the safety of those who love and who wish to bid farewell to His Excellency, we thank everyone for their love, appreciate their understanding, and we ask them to pray for his soul in their homes, and when circumstances permit we will hold a public mass,” the statement added.

Prime Minister-designate Hariri said there is a page of solid leadership that has been turned with the loss of Murr.

“He left us today, His Excellency Michel Murr, after a busy political and national march in government and parliamentary sites, and distinguished roles in most of the epochs and milestones in Lebanon’s history,” added Prime Minister-designate Hariri.

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