Scientists say COVID-19 vaccines provide full protection even without booster shots

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Scientists say that full vaccination is highly effective against severe cases of COVID-19, without the need for a third “booster” dose, according to US media reports.

US health experts reinforced that two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine prevent serious infection and death caused by the disease.

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Many countries have authorized a third COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.

According to published data, COVID-19 vaccines have done their job in preventing serious infection, media reports cited vaccine experts as saying.

“Even the current doses of vaccines still protect you so well from hospitalization and death. We are not back in early 2020 or even early 2021... We are still protected against the worst effects of this virus,” an emergency medicine doctor at told CNN last week.

According to CNN, most fully vaccinated people – those who took two COVID-19 vaccine doses – have not had a breakthrough case of COVID-19 resulting in hospitalization or death.

New blood donor research suggests that more than 80 percent of American adults now have COVID-19 antibodies due to vaccinations or infections.

Published in open-access medical journal JAMA last week, the study estimated that more than 80 percent of Americans above 16 years of age had COVID-19 antibodies as of May 2021. The results were based on previously collected data from blood donors.

Last week, it was reported that advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are expected to discuss two key questions when they meet on September 17 to consider a COVID-19 vaccine booster campaign this fall: Is protection from the initial shots waning, and will boosters help?

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