UK boxer Amir Khan kicked off US flight for COVID-19 mask rule violation

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British boxer Amir Khan said on Saturday he was kicked off an American Airlines plane for allegedly violating COVID-19 mask regulations, despite the airline not having any proof.

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The 34-year-old said police had removed him and his colleague from the US flight after someone complained that his friend’s mask “was not high enough.”

In a video posted on his Twitter, Khan said that he was heading to a training camp in Colorado Springs but has now been forced to reschedule his trip.

“I find it so disgusting and disrespectful,” Khan says in the video. “I was so disgusted that American Airlines would do this to me and ban me from traveling.”

“Now I have to reschedule another airplane to travel back to training camp which is really upsetting, for no reason this was,” he added.

The airline had said that the plane was forced to return to the gate after two people allegedly “refused to comply with crew requests.” It denied that police had intervened.

A spokesman for the airline told BBC that their customer relations team had reached out to the boxer to learn more about his experience.

“Our customer relations team is reaching out to Mr Khan to learn more about his experience and reinforce the importance of policies implemented for the safety of our customers and crew.”

The spokesman also said that Khan and his colleague have not been banned by the airline.

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