Flu vaccine could help reduce COVID-19 symptoms: Study

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According to studies, those who get the flu shot are less likely to have COVID-19-related health complications, US media reported.

Studies have also shown that flu cases have significantly dropped last year with the outbreak of COVID-19. However, health researchers are worried that the loosening of coronavirus restrictions could lead to more flu cases.

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Researchers from Columbia University in the US published a report which suggested that COVID-19 preventative safety measures – such as face masks and social distancing in public spaces – have been helping protect the public from the flu, meaning that the world’s overall flu immunity has waned since the rules were implemented.

“In the short term, measures to control the spread of the coronavirus will likely continue to suppress the number of influenza infections, but after these measures are relaced, with greater population-wide immune susceptibility to influenza could lead to a large outbreak,” study author Sen Pei, assistant professor of environmental health sciences, was quoted as saying in a university release.

“This year, it’s more important than ever to get your flu shot. While we’re rightly focused on protecting ourselves against COVID-19, we shouldn’t forget about the flu, which can be fatal,” Pei added.

Getting the flu vaccine will reportedly help prevent people from getting the flu, as well as reduce COVID-19 symptoms.

Health officials are advising the public to get their flu shots, adding that people can protect themselves from both viruses.

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