Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist bombing in Beirut

Saudi Arabia condemned on Saturday the “terrorist” car bombing that killed a senior security official in Lebanon, and warned of chaos if the culprits were not caught.

The kingdom, which is widely considered as the patron of the Sunni community in multi-confessional Lebanon, “condemns this criminal act,” a Saudi official said in a statement carried by the SPA state news agency.

He said the assassination of police intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan on Friday is a “proof that the culprit of this vile terrorist act that targeted Lebanon’s security and stability lacks all moral, Islamic and human values.”

“Saudi Arabia stresses that it is important to find the culprits, because not dealing with this matter could lead to chaos, the killing of honorable men and jeopardize Lebanon’s security,” the statement said.

The assassination of Hassan, who blamed Damascus for a series of political assassinations in Lebanon including that of former premier Rafiq Hariri, has shaken the country’s fragile political

Last Update: Saturday, 20 October 2012 KSA 16:04 - GMT 13:04