Israeli newspaper writes editorial in Arabic to urge Palestinians to vote

e Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” wrote on Tuesday its opening editorial in Arabic asking the Palestinian Arabs to go and vote in the 19th Israeli Knesset elections that will take place on January 22nd.

“Dear Arab masses... Come out and vote” was the headline of the opening editorial.

Nearly 50 percent of Arabs in Israel are reluctant to participate in the elections. The majority of those Arabs do not believe in Israeli democracy and they want to prevent the legitimization of the Israeli authorities that are occupying the Palestinian territories.

However, the Arab parties that are participating in the elections believe that it is important to enter the Knesset so they can defend their community rights within Israel.

The “Haaretz” Newspaper, considered a leftist platform, decided to take the lead in motivating Arabs to vote. The paper intended to convince Israel-based Arabs of the importance of the elections as an arena for democratic struggle.

The writer insists that Israel’s right leaning parties are working to exclude Arabs from crucial political decisions. The editorial tackled the incitement campaign led against Arab members of Knesset as well the country’s anti-democratic legislation.

The newspaper’s editorial in Arabic came in the face of wide calls to boycott the elections by those who do not wish to bolster Israel’s false image of democracy.

Al Arabiya previously received a copy of such statements; “Here comes the Zionist Knesset election without any change, rather it is devoted to legitimizing the Jewish state project of Zionism, colonialism and racism. The state was built on the ruins of our people.

It displaced the residents and occupied their land. The Jewish state is still haunting them wherever they go to kill and dissuade them from struggling and claiming their right to return to their homes and native land.” SHOW MORE

Last Update: Tuesday, 15 January 2013 KSA 22:04 - GMT 19:04