The 13000 kiss Saudi man pays hefty price for extramarital peck

You wouldn’t mind making your first mortgage payment of $100,000, nor would you mind making your first down payment of $10,000 on a new vehicle, but would you struggle to make a payment of $13,000 for one kiss?

A man in Saudi Arabia paid his wife $13,000 so that she can forgive him for making out with their Ethiopian maid, According to the [Saudi Gazette][].

The man’s six-year-old daughter reportedly saw her dad kissing the maid and she went and informed her mother. It was initially reported that the two were engaged in an affair.

But a close source to the family said, “The kiss was not a love affair, it was but a kiss.”

Saudi Gazette

Saudi Gazette

The furious wife was getting ready to call the police when neighbors intervened to stop her and to mediate a deal between her and her husband. According to the deal, the maid’s sponsorship will be reassigned while the husband is restricted to recruit maids over the age of 50.

Last Update: Friday, 18 January 2013 KSA 23:04 - GMT 20:04