Aboul Fotouh urges opposition dialogue with Mursi to end unrest in Egypt

Ex-presidential candidate Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh called Egyptian political factions on Sunday for a national dialogue. (Al Arabiya)

Former Muslim Brotherhood member and ex-presidential candidate Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh called Sunday for a national dialogue to end a wave of violence that rocked the country in the past two days.

In a press conference aired by Al Arabiya, Abul Fotouh urged key Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al Shater, National Salvation Front leaders Hamdeen Sabahi and Mohamed Mohamed ElBaradei to engage in a dialogue with President Mohammed Mursi .

Political factions in Egypt have been blaming one another for the recent violent clashes that took place in the country amidst the protests since Jan. 25 marking the second anniversary of the country’s 2011 uprising.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood blamed on Saturday media sources and some political factions for inciting people against the regime.

The Brotherhood said in a statement that “misleading information” spread by media provoked hatred against the government.

The Brotherhood also blamed political parties who did not condemn crimes against the state and remained silent over destruction and torching the state institutions. This, the Brotherhood said in a statement, gave perpetrators a political cover to violate the law.

The statement added that Egyptians will continue their revolutionary path and achieve their goals, saying that collaboration of all factions is essential.

On the other hand, opposition political parties blamed the regime for the clashes that erupted in the country.

#Civil war warning

Ayman Nour, head of Egypt’s liberal Ghad Party, warned that the chaotic situation in the country can lead to a civil war, calling upon President Mursi to ‘break his silence’ and talk to people.

Protests to mark the Jan. 25 uprising turned violent when a court issued a verdict sentencing 21 people to death, accused of killing football fans in Port Said last February.

The verdict prompted contradictory reactions in the country, as families of defendants in Port Said attempted to storm police stations to free the detainees.

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