Saudi King "hurts inside" when he sees Syrians being killed

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz speaking during the inaguration ceremony of the Shura Council at his palace in Riyadh, Feb 19, 2013. (AFP)

As time goes on the war in Syria worsens. There is no sign of a halt to hostilities in the country’s sectarian civil war. Daily airstrikes and bomb attacks, that have now reached the capital, are still sending innocent civilians fleeing across Syrian borders in to safe havens like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

According to the United Nations at least 70,000 people have been killed, among them women and children.

Countries in the GCC like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have worked to aid the suffering civilians in as many ways possible. This comes as the Arab League seeks an end to the crisis but with no avail.

Saudi Gazette In an interview to Okaz/Saudi Gazette Prince Miteb Bin Abdullah, the King's son, Minister of State, Cabinet member and Commander of the National Guard, shares details about the life of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz's daily routine, his views and his policies the first question in mind is his opinion on the Syrian crisis.

Excerpts from the interview:

What does the King think about events in Syria?

Syria is one of the countries King Abdullah loves. The King has not spared any efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis. In the beginning, he sent countless letters to the Syrian President and sent many officials to meet him and made continuous phone calls to warn him about the gravity and danger of the situation. Regrettably, with no avail. The King feels hurt inside when he watches Syrian citizens killed by Syrians.

What is the thing that preoccupies the King’s mind the most?

King Abdullah, whether sick, healthy, happy, or annoyed, is always preoccupied with the thought about the welfare of Saudi citizens. When he looks at the foreign policy, he looks how it affects the Saudi citizens.

How about the love between the leadership and the people?

Allah has planted the love for the King in the heart of each and every citizen. I swear by Allah that the love King Abdullah has for his citizen is immeasurable. This is a fact. He is a kind human being. Before he mentions his sons and family in his prayers and supplications, he mentions the citizens. His entire life is dedicated to religion and the country. All Saudi citizens I have met have talked about their love for the King.

Today, I honestly say the citizens cannot realize the deep love King Abdullah has for them. King Abdullah loves his country and people more than himself and his sons.

During the Council of Ministers sessions, he always tells the ministers to meet the citizens and know their problems and their needs.
When does the King meet his sons?

King Abdullah dedicates quality time with his sons. Despite his enormous responsibilities and his official schedule, he lives a normal life with his family. He spends time with them and plays with sons and grandchildren and asks about their performance at school.

How does the King spend his day?

King Abdullah wakes up early in the morning and performs Fajr prayer then supplicates Allah for a long time before reading the Holy Qur’an. Afterwards, he sleeps and wakes up around 8:30 a.m. Then he performs Al-Dhuha prayer and has his breakfast and asks for the day’s business. The Chief of the Royal Court, Khalid Al-Twaijri, brings the list of the day’s activities to the King.

After performing Dhuhur prayer, the King signs files and takes decisions. This continues until Asr prayer. In between, he sometimes answers phone calls or receives visitors. This depends on his schedule. In the evening, he gets back to work. Later he tries to walk for a long time. This is how the King spends his day.

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