Egypt's Islamists block access to Media Production City

Workers at the Media Production City said they faced difficulties in going in entering and exiting the city, reported Egypt independent. (Photo courtesy

Egypt’s Islamists on Sunday blocked access to the media production zone in Cairo in protest against what they said was media bias against ruling Islamist President Mohammed Mursi.

Al Arabiya correspondent reported that security forces have used teargas to disperse protesters.

Clashes had erupted earlier between protesters supporting President Mursi and security forces outside the Media Production City, a complex that holds high-tech studios and filming areas.

Protesters wore green headbands and chanted Islamist slogans. They were seen raising flags of the Raya Party, led by Salafi leader Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, Egyptian media reported.

The protesters targeted a number of privately owned Egyptian channels accused of heavily criticizing President Mursi such as al-Hayat TV, ON TV, CBC and al-Nahar.

Egyptian TV host Mona Shazly, who airs a daily talk show on MBC Egypt, said she was displeased with how protesters sought to prevent some media professionals from getting to their jobs.

Al Arabiya TV reported that the Egyptian interior minister headed to the area early Monday to try to calm the situation and restore order.

Last Update: Monday, 25 March 2013 KSA 01:29 - GMT 22:29