Explosives-strapped girl found during Nigeria arrest

Members of the bomb squad inspect a Nigerian National Petrolium Corporation (NNPC) petrol station after a female suicide bomber blew herself in the city of Kano July 28, 2014. (Reuters)

Nigerian authorities Thursday arrested two men who were suspected of being members of Boko Haram while travelling with a 10 year-old girl who had explosives strapped to her body, the Independent reported.

The two men were arrested while travelling towards the state of Katsina in Northern Nigeria, said Mike Omeri, a government spokesperson. Upon discovery of the high-level explosives attached to the girl, the two men, identified as Iliya and Zainab, tried to escape but were intercepted by a group of “concerned Nigerians” before being arrested, according to Omeri.

The arrests were made hours after a suicide bomb killed two students and injured eight others in a university in Kano, North West of Nigeria. Kano, Nigeria’s largest city, had witnessed another suicide bomb attack in a different university earlier on Wednesday which killed two students.

Earlier this week, a female student blew herself up Monday at a petrol station killing one other person, a military source was quoted as saying by Reuters.

On Sunday, a bomber hurled explosives at worshippers in a Catholic church, killing five and wounding eight. Also on Sunday, a female suicide bomber killed herself while trying to target police officers - the attack did not result in any other deaths.

Speaking on Monday, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan branded the increase in female suicide bombers as a “wicked exploitation” of girls.

Boko Haram has not officially claimed responsibility for the attacks.


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