Gunmen launch deadly attack on Islamabad court

Pakistani policemen inspect a local court building after a gun and suicide attack in Islamabad. (AFP)

Gunmen launched attack on a court complex in Islamabad on Monday, killing 11 people and wounding 24 others, Pakistani officials said.

An unknown number of gunmen raged an area where judges’ chambers and lawyers’ offices are located, police official Nabi Awan said, according to the Associated Press.

According to Awan, the gunmen also threw hand grenades during the attack.

Infographic: Unrest in Pakistan

Infographic: Unrest in Pakistan

Infographic: Unrest in Pakistan


The Pakistani television showed images of the attack’s aftermath with blown out windows, torn walls, and lawyers carrying what appeared to be the dead and wounded from the buildings, reported AP.

Pakistan’s Taliban denied connection to the incident, which came two months after the group announced a month-long ceasefire, in efforts to restart peace talks with the government

The Taliban insurgency has held a bloody grip on the country since 2007, but attacks within the capital have been rare in previous years.

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