30 Houthis killed near Saudi-Yemen border

A Yemeni tribesmen from the Popular Resistance Committee, supporting forces loyal to Yemen's Saudi-backed President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, runs in the country's third-city Taez during clashes with Shiite Houthi rebels, on December 19, 2016. (AFP)

Saudi forces carried out a night-time military operation on the regions of Jizan and Najran, after spotting Houthi and Saleh’s militias near the Saudi border, which led to 30 Houthis getting killed.

Al Arabiya correspondent said that the Saudi forces used artillery and Apache helicopters to target Houthi trenches and military vehicles.

The operation was carried out alongside other military operations that took place off the mountain in the Najran area where Saudi artillery was used in coordination with the coalition air forces.

These operations have resulted in at least 30 of the Houthis and Saleh militias dead as well as destruction of the military vehicles that were traveling toward the border with Saudi Arabia.

28 al Qaeda militants in US strikes in Yemen

The US military said on Thursday it killed 28 members of the militant group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in nine strikes in Yemen since September.

The statement from US Central Command did not say how the strikes, which occurred between Sept. 23 and Dec. 13, were carried out.

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