Two extremists blow themselves up in Jeddah

Saudi authorities have announced the details surrounding the security operations in Jeddah on Saturday that saw two suicide bombers blow themselves up.

Security officials say that there were able to charge two separate hideouts simultaneously. The first operation centered on a rest house in the Harazat area of Jeddah.

The second operation focused on a hideout location that was turned into a bomb-making factory.

A Saudi security spokesman confirmed that neighboring areas at both locations were cleared before the operations began but turned violent quickly after the extremists refused to multiple requests to surrender peacefully.

“After several attempts to evade security officials by firing their weapons, the two extremists blew themselves up,” the spokesman said.

No one was hurt during the operations to capture the extremists.

Meanwhile, another armed suspect who has been named as Hussam al-Jahni was arrested in connection to the attacks earlier in the day at his hideout apartment in al-Nassim neighborhood.

Jahni, who was captured along with his Pakistani wife Fatima Ramadan Murad, was arrested by security forces before he could resist capture. Weapons were found in the apartment including a bag containing a cell phones.

Residents of the neighborhood expressed their gratitude towards the special emergency forces after succeeding in killing a number of the terrorists.

Last Update: 15:10 KSA 18:10 - GMT 15:10