Saudi officer killed after RPG attack in restive Qatif neighborhood

A statement on the official Saudi Press Agency identified the soldier as Walid Gathian al-Shibani. (SPA)

A Saudi officer working for Saudi’s emergency services has been killed after being attacked by extremists using an RPG, Al Arabiya News Channel has reported.

A ministry of interior spokesperson said the solider was part of a patrol unit in the al-Masoura neighborhood, currently undergoing development, when extremists fired on them late on Monday night.

A statement on the official Saudi Press Agency identified the officer as Walid Gathian al-Shibani. His patrol unit came under heavy fire from extremists, which also injured five other soldiers.

The attack comes just days after extremists targeted a development project in the same neighborhood, where labor workers carrying out a development project were targeted during a shoot-out. Two people, including an infant, were killed and 10 others wounded in that attack.

“The neighborhood has come under heavy attacks in recent days from terrorist elements inside al-Masoura. A lot of the residents though feel safer under the presence of Saudi patrol cars and believe the residential development project must continue,” Al Arabiya correspondent Bader al-Shehri said.

Al-Masoura is one of the Qatif’s oldest neighborhoods, with some of its buildings dating more than 100 years since construction.

A development project on the neighborhood involves demolishing 488 residential units and the construction of shopping centers, restaurants, residential towers and a cultural center.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50