Yemen army gains control of strategic camp in Taiz

Yemeni fighters loyal to the Yemeni president hold a hill-top position northwest of the central city of Taiz, on April 20, 2017. (File photo: AFP)

Yemen’s National Army on Monday took control of al-Tashrifat military camp in Taiz after days of fighting with Houthi militias.

The advancement comes after dozens of Houthi militias were killed and dozens arrested in continuing fierce battles with government forces inside a presidential palace in Yemen’s city of Taiz.

Government forces seized control of the western side of the presidential palace and other buildings nearby.

A week ago, government forces backed by air support from the Arab Coalition staged an attack against Houthi miltitas stationed inside the presidential palace.

Pro-government army commanders said that the Houthis used the palace’s hilly location to shell residential areas in the city’s downtown.

Despite facing stiff resistance, government forces stormed the palace’s western gate and gained control of surrounding buildings, scoring a major military achievement in the Taiz battlefield.

Last Update: 18:13 KSA 21:13 - GMT 18:13