Despite evidence, Doha official denies charges of terror

The blacklist includes 12 charity organizations and 59 names. (Shutterstock)

Despite evidences, Qatari Attorney General Hamad Bin Al-Futtais al-Marri tried to absolve Qatar of supporting terrorism and extremism in various countries on Wednesday. Al-Marri denied Doha’s connection with the blacklist issued by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain.

The list included the following individuals and entities:

Sheikh Eid al-Thani Charity Foundation

Sheikh Eid al-Thani Charity Foundation is one of the Qatari entities listed. The foundation funded several projects in Yemen belonging to Abdulwahab al-Humaikani, who was classified by the US Department of the Treasury as a supporter of al-Qaeda in December 2013.

Hamad Abdullah Al-Futtais al-Marri

General of Qatar’s Special Forces Hamad Abdullah Al-Futtais al-Marri who is a relative of Hamad Bin Al-Futtais al-Marri, fought with the former Libyan Islamist commander, Abdel Hakim Belhadj.
Hamad Abdullah Al-Futtais al-Marri has been accused by the Spanish security of being involved in the bombings of Madrid in 2004.

Wagdy Al Arabiya

Wagdy Al Arabiya

Wagdy Abdelhamid Ghoneim

In 2004, the US government ordered the detention of Wagdy Abdelhamid Ghoneim, an Egyptian who supported specific terrorist organization.

In 2009, the British government listed Ghoneim as one of the 16 individuals banned from entering the UK. 

Mahdi Alarabiya

Mahdi Alarabiya

Mahdi Harati

Mahdi Harati has been listed for legal action by the United Nations and the US government.

Mohammed Supplied

Mohammed Supplied

Mohamed Ahmed Shawky Islambouli

On October 2005, Mohamed Ahmed Shawky Islambouli was sentenced by the US government for supporting al-Qaeda.

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