IN PICTURES: Houthis exploit UN facility perimeters for armed activities

Houthi militia vehicles and tanks parked in the vicinity of a UN facility in the background. (Al Arabiya)

Coalition forces have spotted a number of armed vehicles and tankers used by Houthi militias and forces loyal to Yemen’s ousted president near the perimeters of a UN headquarters location near Saada.

The militias members of the Houthi Republican Guards were spotted with their weapons, equipment and military vehicles in the vicinity of a UN facility located in the suburbs of Saada and Al-Hadba, exploiting the institution's special protection under international law not to be targeted by coalition forces.

According to Al Arabiya’s source, the coalition monitored the sites by satellite, aerial photography and field monitoring to prove that coup forces are exploiting the sites surrounding the buildings and headquarters of international organizations and non-governmental organizations and are using them for combat operations, in violation of international humanitarian law.

Last Update: 19:18 KSA 22:18 - GMT 19:18