Man arrested for threatening Saudi women on Snapchat video

The man was arrested after he swore to burn women's cars on a Snapchat video that went viral on Thursday. (YouTube)

Police in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia have announced the arrest of a young man who appeared on social media issuing threats against women who drive.

Saudi Arabia’s attorney general, Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah al-Muajab, on Friday issued an arrest warrant against the man who appeared in a Snapchat video threatening to burn the cars of Saudi women.

A source at the Saudi Attorney General’s Office confirmed no one would be allowed to tamper with the Kingdom’s security and incite others to abuse and violate the laws.

The source stressed that the public prosecution will play its role in serving the society and protecting it from abusers and seditioners.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:55 - GMT 06:55