Arab coalition strike kills Houthi commanders in Yemen’s Harad

File photo: Smoke billows from a fire at a Houthi-controlled military site after it was hit by a coalition air strike in Sanaa, Yemen, June 3, 2015 (Reuters)

An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen killed five high-profile Houthi militia commanders in Jabal al-Nar, east of Harad, northwest of Yemen.

According to Yemeni military sources, they were killed on Sunday evening.

One of the prominent men killed is Haidar Radman, the commander of the “Jizan axis” as Houthi militias describe it. He is a prominent Houthi chief and a student of the Houthis’ late founder Hussein al-Houthi and a former bodyguard. He’s participated in all six wars which the Houthis fought and in border confrontations with the Saudi kingdom.

Among those killed are Abu Hassan al-Ahwas, the commander of the rapid intervention group in Harad, and Abu Mohammed al-Hakem, the customs supervisor at the Harad front.

The Houthis have lost some field commanders in the past few days. Those killed include Ammar Abu Kharfasha, a high-ranking central security figure in Hajjah, Mohammed Ali Hassan Hajj, a recruiter, Najib Salah, a religious reference and dozens others. They were all killed in the Midi and Harad fronts.

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