Yemen: Iran uses Houthi militias ‘like puppets’ to destabilize region

A newly recruited Houthi militia takes part in a gathering in the capital Sanaa. (File photo: AFP)

The Yemeni government has again accused Iran of using the Houthi militia as"puppets" to destabilize the region.

The government also complained about numerous Iranian interferences in the country.

In a statement on Saturday, the Yemeni government said that Iran’s alliance with the militia aims to destabilize the region.

The government continued saying that Tehran is providing the militia with weapons and it has intentionally supported them both militarily and materialistically, providing advanced missiles and technology systems.

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According to the government, this has prolonged the war.

Other supportive means from Iran include naval mines and booby-trapped boats which threaten Red Sea’s stability, security and freedom of navigation.

Tehran has also connected the militia with experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the government added. 

Last Update: Saturday, 14 October 2017 KSA 13:15 - GMT 10:15

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Yemen: Iran uses Houthi militias ‘like puppets’ to destabilize region
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