‘Sanaa sniper’ targets Houthis, kills three prominent commanders

Unidentified sniper kills three Houthi commanders in Sanaa. (Supplied)

A sniper, whose identity remains a mystery, has been killing Houthi commanders in Sanaa thus spreading fear among the Houthi militia’s ranks, local sources and media outlets said.

The unknown sniper now dubbed “Sanaa sniper” has so far killed three prominent Houthi commanders who were identified as Yahya Hussein al-Houthi, Mohammed Daghsan and Mohammed al-Sayaghi.

Many Houthi commanders now fear for their lives and some have gone into hiding and no longer roam the streets of Sanaa out of fear they might be the next.

Some activists say the sniper may be a Republican Guards’ member  supporting  late President Ali Abdullah Saleh and that he is targeting Houthis in response to their recent series of kidnappings and executions of Saleh’s supporters.

Other activists, however, said the Houthi commanders killed were eliminated by other Houthi members as the movement is competing for power in Sanaa, adding that this narrative about a sniper targeting them is a Houthi attempt to justify raids on people’s houses.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:51 - GMT 06:51