Yemeni forces liberate al-Yatma area in Al-Jawf

Yemeni forces liberated al-Yatma area in Al-Jawf. (File photo: Reuters)

Yemeni forces liberated al-Yatma area, the center of the Khab Directorate which is the biggest directorate in Al-Jawf governorate, north of the country.

The army liberated it after launching a military operation few days ago with the aid of the Saudi-led coalition air force.

Some Houthi fighters were killed and others were injured while some supplies’ routes were cut.

The Yemeni army seeks to fully cut the Houthis’ supply routes from Saada to Jawf and to progress into the depth of the eastern directorates of Saada, the rebels’ stronghold.

Last Update: Saturday, 30 December 2017 KSA 19:47 - GMT 16:47

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Yemeni forces liberate al-Yatma area in Al-Jawf
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