Yemen army retrieves strategic sites in Bayda, kills Houthi leader

The Yemeni army retrieved on Thursday new strategic locations in Al Bayda. (File photo: Reuters)

The Yemeni army retrieved on Thursday new strategic locations in the Redman district north of Al-Bayda province.

According to a military source, the army forces were able to liberate a number of strategic locations in the area of Qanya north of the Al-Bayda, including Al-Faliq mountain, Ramdah plateau and Al Wae’el and Kharfan mountains overlooking the area of Qanya, as well as Al Yasbel area and a number of sites and hills.

He added that "the liberation of these sites coincided with intensive air raids by the coalition forces, targeting the locations and tracing the movements of the militias, resulting in significant human and material losses in their ranks, including the destruction of a weapons’ depot in She’ab Al Ma’ez in Bani Wahab, Sawadiyah Directorate.

An air strike by coalition fighters targeted positions of the Houthi militia in Jabal Mas'udah, in Al-Bayda, resulting in the death of the Houthi leader Abu Al-Hassan Al-Saadawi and a number of militia members, according to field sources.

At the same time, the army artillery  intensively bombarded  the positions of the militias in Jabal Mas'udah and Jabal Al-Aar causing deaths and injuries within the militias and the destruction of their machinery.

The Yemeni army confirmed that the confrontations continue on the Qanya front in Radman Directorate, amid steady and continuous progress of the army forces, with direct support from the coalition aircraft.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:56 - GMT 06:56