Saudi troops arrive in Turkey to take part in EFES 2018 exercises

The exercise aims at exchange of military experience among participating countries. (SPA)

Saudi forces taking part in EFES 2018 exercise have arrived in Turkey on Friday to take part in joint military exercises.

On arrival, the troops were received by Rear-Admiral Pilot Khalid bin Hussein Al-Assaf, the Military Attaché, at the Saudi embassies, in Ankara and Bucharest and the commander officer of the exercise Commodore Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Diraibi and other aide de camp.

The exercise to be conducted is jointly multipartite and multi-national and considered to be among one of the biggest military drills, in the world, in terms of participating forces' number and diversity of the nature and fields of the exercise, according to R.Adm. Al-Assaf.

For his part, Commodore Al-Diraibi said that the exercise aims at exchange of military experience among participating countries, training on planning and coordinating joint operations in different environments, upgrading fighting efficiency and enhancing military cooperation, in addition to exercise on carrying out strategic transport schemes for forces deployed at their concentration positions to operations locations.

Last Update: 19:12 KSA 22:12 - GMT 19:12