UAE Minister of State: US strategy demands a change in Iran’s agenda

UAE Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash. (Supplied)

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, has described US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s approach to Iranian policy as “accurate,” adding that the tough strategy he declared was “a natural result of Iranian behavior over the years”.

Gargash additionally said that the uniting efforts “is the right path to make Tehran realize the absurdity of its expansion”.

In a series of tweets, Gargash said that the “the region has long suffered from Iran’s rhetoric and actions. Iran does not respect sovereignty and internal affairs”.

The UAE official’s statement comes after Pompeo threatened the "strongest sanctions in history" against Iran unless it capitulated to a series of 12 demands regarding its regional behavior and missile program.

“After the nuclear agreement, we witnessed unprecedented Iranian interference in Arab affairs. It is time for Tehran to realize that its previous behavior will no longer be accepted,” he added.

Gargash then concluded his remarks via Twitter by saying that “the region needs peace, stability, and Iran’s regional policies stirred sectarian strife. It is natural for Tehran to find itself in this predicament. The Pompeo strategy calls for justice, and a change in Iran's agenda”.

Last Update: 20:18 KSA 23:18 - GMT 20:18