Yemeni army shoots down Iranian-made drone near Hodeidah airport

The drone was shot down near Hodeidah International airport. (Supplied)

The Yemeni Army shot down an Iranian-made drone belonging to the Houthi militias near Hodeidah airport, the second incident in last few days, when it shot a similar one in the western coast of the port city of Hodeidah.

The Yemeni al Amalikah brigade said in a statement that the drone was shot down near Hodeidah International airport, publishing pictures of the Iranian made-drone used by the Houthis to spy on the Yemeni legitimate army positioned in liberated Hodeidah airport.

Recently, a report published by a London’s research center for armed conflict pointed out that Iran’s technologies have reached the Houthis by teaching them how to use drones. They had previously said it was locally made, but later it was proved that these drones were Iranian-made and were smuggled in for the Houthi militias, along with other weapons, among them ballistic long-range missiles, according to the report.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52