Yemeni army foil repeated attacks by Houthi militias

Yemeni army foiled attacks by Houthi militias. (Supplied)

The Yemeni National Army with the air support provided by the Coalition for the support of legitimacy repulsed repeated attacks by Houthi militias and inflicted heavy casualties on their ranks.

There were also attempts to infiltrate by Houthi of militias into positions of the army in the center of the directorate of Hodeidah.

According to military sources, the army was able to break two attacks by the militias: the first on the Aldrihami front tried to cut off the coastline linking the cities of Mukha and Hodeidah in the Nekheila area.

The second attack was aimed at the headquarters of the directorate of Tahita, but was thwarted after a battle that lasted more than 10 hours, using various weapons along with Apache helicopter fire by coalition forces.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the confrontations was concentrated in the areas of Suwaiq, and Bani Nahari and Al-Mughars, and the army and the resistance managed to kill, injure and capture dozens of militia elements.

In the meantime, coalition aircraft targeted raids positions and gatherings of Houthi militias in the area 16 km east of the city of Hodeidah.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:51 - GMT 06:51