VIDEO: Young Yemenis recount forced recruitment, life under Houthis

A Yemeni Houthi child wearing military fatigues in an anti-US protest staged by supporters of the Huthi rebels in Sanaa. (AFP)

Houthi militias have continued to recruit children and young people for the battlefields, with a large number of them having been forcibly taken away from their families.

In some cases, elder tribesmen were forced to agree to give away children to appease the Houthi militias.

Most of them were abducted around the age of 14 and were forced to serve the militias’ domestic and external agendas, including in battleground fights against the Yemeni Army.

Once coerced into joining the militias, these children were left to fend for themselves in the battlefields without access to food or water.

Additionally, some were not given any form of income or compensation even though their lives were put at risk.

Hundreds of young recruits are now under the protection of Yemeni and coalition army and are shared their stories of captivity under the Houthi militias with Al Arabiya English.

Last Update: Tuesday, 24 July 2018 KSA 00:19 - GMT 21:19