Arab coalition air strikes target Houthi camp in Yemen’s Hajjah

File photo of aerial footage shows coalition strike on a Houthi post in Sadaa. (Supplied)

The Arab coalition supporting the Yemeni legitimate government, launched a series of air strikes on Tuesday, targeting positions for the Houthi militias, including al-Maashar camp and other posts in the directorates of Mustabaa and Hiran in the governorate of Hajjah, northwest of the country.

The al-Maashar camp is known to be a training base for the Houthi members who fights in Hared and Hiran fronts, against the Yemeni national army.

Military sources said the Houthis were inflicted with heavy casualties among its militias.

In a related military development, the Yemeni national army backed by the coalition is closing in on the Houthi militias in Kataf directorate in Sadaa front, while the major road leading to the directorate is now under the control of the Yemeni army.

Meanwhile the political peace negotiations have been stalled with no show of the Houthi delegation to Geneva talks on Friday, as the UN’s envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths told the Security Council on Tuesday, that he was disappointed with the pro-Iranian militia. Read more

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:51 - GMT 06:51