Yemen’s army advances in Saada, launches coordinated attacks on Houthis

Yemen national army advances in Saada. (Supplied)

The Yemeni army backed by the Arab coalition, continues advancing in several districts of the governorate of Saada, taking control of new posts which were under the control of the pro-Iranian Houthi militia, particularly in the districts of Zaher, Baqim and Kataf.

Military sources confirmed to Al Arabiya news channel that the Yemeni army launched a successful attack on a post controlled by the Houthis in the directorate of Zaher, killing more than nine members of the militia, while others managed to escape.

In Baqim district, the Yemeni army launched coordinated attacks, allowing its forces to advance to the center of the district, following support from coalition aircraft that destroyed reinforcements of the Houthis in the area.

The Yemeni national army continues its combing operations in Kataf district searching for mines planted by Houthis. The army dismantled in the last two days more than 300 mines.

Last Update: 06:52 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52