Prince Khalid bin Salman: Houthis desecrate sanctity of childhood

Prince Khalid bin Salman arrives on Capitol Hill, in Washington, on July 24, 2017. (AP

The Iran-backed Houthis desecrate the sanctity of childhood by recruiting them to the battlefield and brainwashing them with the extremist ideology of the Iranian regime, Prince Khalid bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, has said.

In a tweet sent out on Thursday, he said: “Chants of death come directly out of the regime’s playbook”. Prince Khalid bin Salman also tweeted a video showing Houthis recruiting children in schools.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prince Khalid had tweeted on the Houthi situation in Yemen. “After stalling for months, the Houthis agreed to talk about handing some control of Hudaidah port, to the UN,” he said.

He said that this comes as they are on the verge of being pushed out by force. “Proof that only consistent pressure on the Iran backed militia will lead to a political settlement,” Prince Khalid had said in the tweet.

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