UN envoy to Yemen 'alarmed' by escalation of violence

Griffiths urged both conflicting sides to “exercise restraint”. (File photo: Reuters)

The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, said that he is “alarmed by the escalation of violence” in the war-torn country on Thursday.

Griffiths urged both conflicting sides to “exercise restraint”.

In a tweet, he called on all to maintain positive momentum from Sweden talks and resumption of peace process.”

Earlier on Thursday, the Yemeni government said that targeting al-Anad Air base in Lahij governorate, the continuous violations of the Hodeidah ceasefire, and the constant repudiation of what has been agreed on in Sweden, are all ways that the Houthi militias are challenging the international community and its decisions.

The tweet comes following the a Houthi drone attack targeting a military parade by the Yemeni National Army in al-Anad military base in Lahaj province, which killed six Yemeni army soldiers and injured 20 others.

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