Saudi Arabia welcomes US move to end all Iran sanction waivers

Saudi Arabia welcomed a US decision to end all Iran sanction waivers. (Shutterstock)

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Assaf on Tuesday welcomed a US decision to end all Iran sanction waivers by May, saying it was a necessary step to halt Tehran’s “destabilizing” policy in the region.

“Saudi Arabia fully supports this step taken by the United States as it is necessary to force the Iranian regime to end its policy of destabilizing stability and its support and sponsorship of terrorism around the world,” al-Assaf said in comments carried on state media.

He reiterated a statement issued by the kingdom’s energy minister on Monday that the world’s largest oil exporter would coordinate with other oil producers to ensure an adequate crude supply and balanced markets after Washington’s announcement.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump decided not to reissue Iran oil waivers when they expire in early May, a White House statement said.

The statement added that the US, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates “have agreed to take timely action to assure that global demand is met as all Iranian oil is removed from the market.”

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:55 - GMT 06:55