German MPs blame Iran after visit to Saudi Aramco attack site

German federal parliamentary members visited the Abqaiq facility in Saudi Arabia. (Supplied)

German federal parliamentary members said on Tuesday that responsibility for last month’s attacks on Saudi Aramco oil facilities were “plausibly imputable to Iran directly,” following a visit to the Abqaiq facility in Saudi Arabia.

“The responsibility for this attack is plausibly imputable to Iran directly. Iran’s policy to support terrorist & destabilizing other states is unacceptable!” Olav Gutting and Nikolas Lobel, members of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union party, shared in posts on Twitter.

The parliamentary officials’ comments are in alignment with a joint statement issued by their home country of Germany, Britain, and France. The European countries blamed Iran for the attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities and said the time had come for Iran to accept negotiations on its missile program and issues of regional security.

German parliament members visit Abqaiq (supplied)

German parliament members visit Abqaiq (supplied)

On September 14 drone attacks caused fires at two Saudi Aramco facilities, in Abqaiq and Hijrat Khurais oilfield. The attacks knocked out more than half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production and damaged the world’s biggest crude processing plant.

US intelligence shows that the attack originated from Iran and the Arab Coalition’s preliminary findings showed the weapons were made by Iran. Iran denied US accusations it was to blame and the Iran-backed Houthi militia claimed responsibility.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir has said that the Kingdom holds Iran responsible as the equipment used was Iranian-made.

Saudi Arabia is investigating the attacks and international experts including the United Nations have traveled to the sites to participate.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 14:05 - GMT 11:05